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including Trigger point Therapy
Trigger points are painful points in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Often they correspond to accupuncture points; some are near the insertion of the nerve into the muscle.

The treatment is as follows: pressure is held for 2 to 5 minutes (sometimes more) at the site of the trigger point. The trigger point is the most painful area that the therapist can find. The therapist will rely on training and experience to find these points, and the optimum direction at which to apply this pressure. There will be multiple points of pain in any particular area that is dysfunctional. The pain is the greatest when the pressure is first applied. Gradually the pain decreases until either the patient feels pressure only, or until the pain relief at the site plateaus. (The plateau should be at least 70-80% pain relief at the site* Usually pain relief is felt immediately after the treatment. The patient might experience muscle soreness after the treatment. Heat or an anti-inflammatory can be helpful.

*NOTE: If little or no pain relief is felt, then the therapist might determine the problem to be non-muscular (only 25% of pain is non-muscular). A good therapist, such as Kathy, will do follow-up research to try and find another solution to the problem. Kathy can diagnose a number of problems, and recommend a course of action. Sometimes there are devices the patient might use. Sometimes Kathy will recommend the patient see his/her doctor or a medical specialist.

Exercise Supervision to improve joint stability, range of motion, and increase strength
  • On site: using our extensive gym facilities
  • Off site: at your home
  • On your own: we can provide iso-flex balls, thera-bands, stretching and strengthening diagrams (printed handouts) for exercises based on our assessment of what you need
Providing assistive devices including canes, hiking poles, walking sticks, wheelchairs, walkers. We will provide the appropriate device(s) for your specific needs, based on our assessment.
Debridement and Wound Care for healing pressure sores, decubis ulcers, and traumatic wounds
Gait training
(Walking Training)
for joint replacement, stroke, spinal chord injury, and general weakness to improve functional walking mobility
electrical stimulation
ice and heat
to assist with pain management, reduction of edema
Lymphatic drainage to reduce edema and generalized swelling from peripheral vascular disease, mastectomy, congestive heart failure, stroke, etc.
Home care Most of the above services are provided in our home care. We will come to your home if you can't come to us.
Gym Unattended access to our gym is available at the low cost of $40/month. Gym equipment includes: Bowflex, Bowflex Treadclimber, Total Gym, A Treadmill, 2 Stationary bikes (one low and the other high resistance), weights, "The Bean", and more. If you want to come in certain times outside normal business hours (M-F, 10:30 to 6:30), call us and we might be able to have the gym open then. Our patients have priority on the equipment, should there be a conflict, but with all the equipment, there will always be an alternative.

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