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If you have a need for Physical Therapy, our staff will ensure that you receive personal attention in a caring, compassionate setting. Borrego Physical Therapy also offers a comprehensive fitness program tailored to your goals. In order to qualify for any insurance, including Medicare, a doctor's prescription is required. With or without insurance, a Physical Therapist, can diagnose and assist recovery for many ailments.

To cover expenses, a reasonable charge will apply when there is no insurance. Some insurers, including most HMOs and many PPOs are the same as "no insurance" to most small practices (including Borrego Physical Therapy).


Medicare Part B offers excellent value for insurance. Most people do not qualify for it, however (too young & not disabled). Medicare only pays 80%, but if you have any supplemental insurance(including Medi-Cal), all treatment(up to a point) will be covered - except for the small Medicare deductible that is not covered by the supplemental insurer.

Medicare Advantage plans may seem cheaper, but tend to cost more sometimes due to higher co-pays - not good for patients needing a lot of medical treatment.

HMOs (including some Medicare Advantage HMOs) do not cover people outside their network and usually only service high density areas, like cities, where patients do not need to travel far to find a provider. The reasons HMOs exist might be that either 1) medical providers want to profit from both medical services AND insurance profits (by not servicing other insurer's patients), 2) insurance companies want medical providers to join for a fee, or perhaps 3) insurance companies want control over who the medical providers are to prevent fraud. This might be good for medical practices in the HMO, but very bad for both rural patients and out-of-network medical providers.

Many PPOs are becoming more like HMOs by having prohibitively high 'out-of-network' deductibles.

Insurers are coming up with new models all the time. For example, the EPO, absolutely will only cover patients who see in-network medical providers. Many HMOs are EPOs, including Kaiser & SCAN.

Kathy Johnson (formerly Kathy Bullock) is a Physical Therapist that enjoys the personal approach to helping her patients recover from surgery or pains we all experience.

Kathy graduated cumlaude from California State University Long Beach in 1980. She started her career in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in the Los Angeles area. After getting her degree and passing the state boards, both in 1980, Kathy has been licensed to perform physical therapy in the state of California ever since.

Kathy moved to San Diego in 1983 and worked as supervisor of Mercy Hospitals Physical Therapy Department. She also owned a private practice in San Diego specializing in rehabilitation, orthopedics and home care. She served on a professional advisory committee and records review committee for Nurse Finders, Inc.

Kathy, along with her two daughters - Stacey and Holley, moved to Borrego Springs from San Diego in 2000. They were seeking to settle into a more peaceful serene way of life. "It was her goal to raise her children in a rural setting where Family Values are still a part of daily living."

In January of 2001, Kathy purchased Borrego Physical Therapy. Her mission is providing friendly personal service to meet all the needs of this small community and the outlying areas of Julian, Ranchita, Warner Springs, and the Salton Sea.

Jef Johnson helps Kathy with the massive amount of paperwork, and with maintaining the facility. He also maintains this and a few other websites. Here he is demonstrating his "wimpy-ness" when being treated by Kathy with Myofascial Release techniques. Jef has been described by Kathy as her worst patient.

A longtime resident of Borrego, Jef met Kathy in June 2005, working on a few home improvement and maintenance projects. Soon after, he was steered to her as a patient. Despite describing her business as Borrego Physical Torture, she agreed to marry him, and they were married in June 2006.

Jef and Kathy, Borrego Mountain, East Butte, October 30, 2005

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